Tiny, Typical, or Tall

Audrey Watters shared the following link The Week in Robots where we are reminded twice that you will be able to bake a cake in three minutes in the kitchen of the future.

The planning center also predicted the future capabilities of a cell phone like a calendar reminder to “call the butcher.”

In “Yesterday’s Concepts for Today’s Lifestyles,” the narrator shows us an early proto-type of a “personalized” sink for women who may be tiny, typical, or tall.

The narrator, by swiping her hand across surfaces to trigger the function of the robot, she establishes credibility with her fellow female kitchen users.

In this kitchen of the future, “The things women don’t like to do are done automatically:”

The narrator shows us the laboratory of kitchens of the future which is the domain of women. See also The Work Will Come To Us 

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