An Abandoned Building

In his memoir, Detroit: An American Autopsy, Charlie LeDuff opens with the story of dead man found by police in an abandoned building in Detroit, Michigan. A reporter by trade, LeDuff blends his personal history along side the legacy of deindustrialization in Detroit.

LeDuff dissects the dead man’s body to include a different version of history. He writes:

The neck bone is connected to the billionaire who owns the crumbling building where the man died. The rib bones are connected to the countless minions shuffling through the frostbitten streets burning fires in empty warehouses to stay warn–and get high. The hip bone is connected to a demoralized police force who couldn’t give a shit about digging a dead mope out of elevator shaft. The thigh bone is connected to the white suburbanites who turn their heads from the calamity of Detroit, carrying on as the human suffering were somebody else’s problem.

See also Blue Collar Defeat (source).

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