Pathways to Collaborative Pedagogy

The following is a list of notes used to create a workshop titled:

Creating an Instructional Design Team: Pathways to Collaborative Pedagogy (source).

From the workshop blurb: The presenters of this workshop will explore instructional design roles and strategies. Using the framework of dramaturgy, the audience will create a working definition of instructional design for their institution.

The presenters cited “The Images Before Us: Metaphors for the Role of the Dramaturg in American Theatre” by Geoffrey S Proehl, who assigns the dramaturg several roles (source):

Substitute “dramaturg” for an instructional designer (ID), “play” for course, and we may have a useful working definition of an ID’s role in education. ID’s as:

miners of images (p. 128)

keeper of the text (p. 128)

conscience of the theatre (p.130)

critic in residence (p. 130)

smart kid or good kid in class (p. 130)

fixer (p. 132)

play doctor (p. 133)

lion tamer, middle manager, hell-raiser, and institutional figure (p. 133).

Another useful point about instructional designer working with teachers or subject matter experts:

Good dramaturgs, so the conversation almost always goes, will be able to intuit the playwright’s or the director’s vision and serve it (dramaturg as servant). Less often are they expeced to have their own visions of the play (p. 129).

—See also Instructional Designer as Dramaturg (source)

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