Workforce Shift

Ann Larson writes a powerful post on adjunct labor (source). There are many sources cited that may help researchers bridge an understanding about adjuncts, gender, and student learning.


photo credit: me

She writes:

We can better understand the relationship between graduation rates and workplace precarity by noting that women are also overrepresented among the ranks of adjunct faculty. According to the Modern Language Association, women are now “the majority of non-tenure-track faculty members across all types of institutions.” Though women are earning more PhDs than ever before, they are more likely than men to work on part-time or on year-to-year contracts. In the Chronicle of Higher Education, Kate Bahn identified this trend as “the rise of the lady adjunct.” What do we make of this workforce shift?

This post may be useful to writers interested in adjunct labor, feminism, and socioeconomic status.

See also (links about adjunct labor here) and (fix links in this post)


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