A Landmark Moment

“Through the Glass Ceiling and Beyond! Sally Ride’s Feminist Legacy” (source) is a short book review about a new book for young adults about Sally Ride, a member of the first class of female astronauts. Here is a quote from the book:

At a time where women earned roughly 9,000 of the 72,000 engineering bachelor degrees (and only 483 physics degrees, Ride’s main area of study), Ride’s first space flight in 1983 was a landmark moment for the women’s movement. As a member of the five-person crew of the space shuttle Challenger, she was the first astronaut to maneuver a robotic arm–a device she helped engineer–in order to retrieve a satellite. She also was, and remains, the youngest astronaut to ever go into orbit.

Below is a photo of Ride with two other feminist pioneers Billie Jean King and Gloria Steinem.

Sally Ride is quoted in 2009:

The world and our perceptions have changed a lot, even since the ’70s, but there are. If you ask an 11-year-old to draw a scientist, she’s likely to draw a geeky guy with a pocket protector. That’s just not an image an 11-year-old girl aspires to.

See also: A Giant Step For Gender Equality (source)


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