Wearing a Dress and Heels

In “The Professor Is A Drag Queen,” by Domenick Scudera, he discusses a course and a conference presentation (source). It is worth noting that this teacher has tenure and writes about many worthwhile points  for further investigation.

Here are three quotes:


Drag, a distinct art form, brings into focus issues of identity, authority, agency, gender variance, and masculine/feminine constructs. Judith Butler states that “Drag fully subverts the distinction between inner and outer psychic space and effectively mocks both the expressive model of gender and the notion of a true gender identity.” By viewing drag through this lens and by exploring the diverse and fascinating history of drag performance, students are challenged to question a gender binary and to break through social norms.


RuPaul says that “We’re born naked, and the rest is drag.” Upon reflection, the question at the symposium made me realize that the clothes I wear to be a professor are a sort of drag. They are my “professor drag,” so to speak. I am dressing for my interpretation — or my performance — of what a professor should be. Is wearing a suit and tie to teach any different than wearing a dress and heels?


I have been more open with my students about my drag life, and other aspects of myself. Revealing more about my experiences builds a different, stronger trust between us.


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