Open definition of a word

open (adjective)–a reformatting of (source)

from the Old English open means

not closed down, raised up (of gates, eyelids, etc.), also exposed, evident, well-known, public

often in a bad sense,

notorious, shameless

from the Proto-Germanic

*upana, literally put or set up  (source).

as related to an open road

(1817, American English) originally meant a public one; romanticized sense of ‘raveling as an expression of personal freedom’ first recorded 1856, in Whitman.

open, in the early 13c. meant,

an aperture or opening, from (source) adj.

also defined as

public knowledge [as in] out in the open is from 1942, but compare Middle English in open (late 14c.)

Open up means

cease to be secretive from 1921.



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