Many Paths To & For Personalization

In “Competency-Based Online Programs Address Needs in New Industries” (source) By Ian Quillen, he has a useful quote to explain a relationship between CBE programs, students, and employers:

Employers don’t want the C student – they don’t even want the B student..They want the student who can work through something over multiple revisions, multiple steps of input, and actually come up with something better.​​​​

In addition, George Veletsianos posted a blog today “Personalized learning: the locus of edtech debates” with interesting questions, questions, and categories about educational technology (source). Here are some questions from his post:

Does it mean different pathways for each learner, one pathway with varied pacing for each learner, or something else?

How do we balance system and learner control?

What is the role of openness is personalized learning?

Both sources cited above examine different pathways for teaching and learning using educational technology. When we want to improve the conditions for teaching and learning, it’s important to remember that there are many paths to the same goal.



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